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  • Cold-Emailing Tip for Freelance Writers: How to Verify a Guessed Email Address

    Sometimes when you are trying to do some cold-emailing of to businesses you find on the web you ares tuck with the problem of finding the right email address for the contact you want to reach directly. Guessing the Email Address Rather than try emailing …

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  • How Freelance Technical Writers Can Find Startups

    A great place to start looking for freelance technical writer work is from new startups. I’ve a massed a list of ways to find potential clients and drafted an article to share with my readers. Try and see if these methods help you increase the …

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  • When Developers Won’t Divulge Info Needed for an ITIL Implementation

    One challenge facing freelance technical writers is working with developers who make it difficult to obtain the necessary information to document the process flow.  The reasons are usually innocuous, and often are due to incorrect perceptions or misinformation inside the organization about the ITIL implementation. …

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  • Hiring a Freelance Writer Vs. Hiring a Contractor

      When some companies need professional business documentation but don’t have an in-house person to write for them, they may choose to hire a temporary writing contractor via a recruitment firm, also known as a staffing firm. While using a staffing firm on the surface …

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  • Rex 607z

    Review of the Rex 607Z ZigZag Walking Foot Industrial Sewing Machine for Leather Sewing

    I decided to upgrade to an industrial walking foot sewing machine when I got serious about designing leather handbags, clothing and accessories. As you may know, sewing leather with a commercial sewing machine will eventually damage it as the leather is too hard on the …

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  • Dj Online

    How To DJ Online

    Originally Published 2011 Live radio stations online appeal to a great amount of viewers, especially those who like to watch DJs in action. For new musicians, online radio is a great way to make their music known to the public. Young and talented DJs who …

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  • Denon

    The Five Top CD Players

    Originally Published 2011 Pioneer CDJ-200 Pro CD/MP3 Player Though this player is deemed as “entry level” in the world of professional DJing, some think that’s an understatement. It has most of the common features, but only DJs that don’t scratch will love the CDJ-200. The …

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