Cold-Emailing Tip for Freelance Writers: How to Verify a Guessed Email Address

Sometimes when you are trying to do some cold-emailing of to businesses you find on the web you ares tuck with the problem of finding the right email address for the contact you want to reach directly.

Guessing the Email Address

Rather than try emailing to the general “” or a general customer service inbox, if you are like me you will try to guess what the addresses is. Sometimes this is easy to do if you can find a press release or article on the web that had the contacts email address or the address of someone at the company. Even if you can’t find the contact’s email address, if you can find a coworkers email address you can look at the format of the address and guess what your contact’s email address is.

How to Verify Your Guess is Correct

If you like to save time you don’t want to go blindly shooting off email to addresses you guessed. Rather than waiting for a potential rejection letter form the server when you get the name wrong, try using this took to verify if your email guess is right. Go to and enter the email address in the field and click the “Check address” button. If you enter a bad address you will see a screen similar to this one with an error in red reading “E-mail address does not exist on this server.”

Bad Email Address

mailtester 2

If you enter in a good email address you will get a message in green similar to this one stating that the “E-mail Address is valid.”


Good Email Address

Good Email Address

Happy freelancing!