What is your turn around time?
My turn around time is dependent on my schedule and the complexity of the document you need written. I do offer rush services for percentage of your total cost.


How many edits are included in your rate?

I will edit until I get it right! Having said that, I rarely if ever get any edit requests outside of the client making last minute updates and enhancements.


What are your payment options and policies?

For first time clients I require 100% paid up front before commencing work. For large or ongoing projects I do offer the use of an escrow service and work based on milestones, however I do charge a percentage to make up for the difference I pay for the escrow. For existing clients I allow 50% up front and 50% at the end.

I accept payments via Paypal. I can accept credit card payments or direct bank transfers, however be aware that I charge a small fee with credit cards to cover my transaction expenses.


Why should I choose you over writers at Fiverr and other freelancer marketplaces?

While writers at Fiverr and other content mill sites may offer very affordable rates, their articles are of low quality content and structure. These writers often spin their content, which means you will have an article duplicated from a previously written one and plugged with nonsensical grammar. I not only write high quality error free documents, but I also have excellent research skills that when coupled together will provide you with contemporary and engaging material levels above these low-cost writers. As the saying goes, you can have 2 of each: cheap, quality and fast. You can’t have all 3 at once, so if you want your business to get ahead, make sure you choose wisely.


Drop me a line & let’s discuss how I can help your business.