Christie Templeton

My name is Christie Templeton. I possess a diverse skill set that I have developed over the years that allows me to bring multiple talents and skills to the table beyond what many Technical Writers can offer. This in the long run can save you money hiring me as I offer a competitive service. Please read below to learn more about the services I can offer your business.

My Technical Writing Career Path

I started my career as a Technical Writer long before I actually held the job title.

I was the one everyone in the office consulted when they couldn’t understand how to use an application, as I always dove in to learn it myself and then sent them written instructions with plenty of descriptive images and graphics they could easily reference to get their job done. This eventually evolved into me landing my official first role as a Technical Writer when I was employed at Unisys. There I assisted their many clients, including TSA, DHS, and Amgen, with gathering processes and requirements and then drafting procedural documentation that was provided for customers, agents, engineers, and other audience types. 

After my tenure at Unisys I moved on to assist businesses in various fields including consumer electronics, software developer, mechanical engineering, IT systems, Information Security, and government realms. Employers and clients that I have assisted include:

  • DirecTV
  • UCLA
  • Manatt Phelps & Phillips
  • TSA & DHS
  • Amgen
  • Keystone Automotive
  • Verio
  • Home Depot Technology Center
  • City of Austin