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Best Knowledge Management Software for 2021

There are many knowledge base applications that your company can choose from. On this page I detail my top 10 favorite knowledge base software that I have personally used and would recommend to any organization.

1. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is an IT service management software created by its US-based company. It’s used across several industries to manage assets, inventories, and costs, and process contracts and organizational changes. ServiceNow features a self-service portal where users report, track, and resolve cases, configuration tools, reviews, and analyses. It’s also an enterprise-oriented solution.  

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2. HelpCrunch

HelpCrunch is a customer communication platform by its US-based company. It’s used across a variety of companies for marketing, lead generation and acquisition, sales, and customer support. HelpCrunch provides features such as live chat, automatic messaging, email marketing, mobile apps, help desk, and knowledge base.  HelpCrunch is a cloud-based technology solution. 

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3. Helpjuice

Helpjuice is a knowledge management platform by its US-based company. It’s used across industries to create and manage internal and external knowledge bases. Helpjuice features customizable design tools for FAQs, multi-category document tagging, a self-service portal, full-text smart searches, and search query statistics and analytics. Helpjuice is a cloud-based and on-premise solution.  

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4. HelpSite

HelpSite is knowledge management software by its US-based company. It facilitates the creation of customer support centers with tools like online CRM, contact forms, and ticketing. HelpSite features a self-service portal, FAQ content creation, knowledge base management, decision tree, product catalogs, full-text searches, and customer support tracking. HelpSite is a cloud-based software. 

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5. Document360 

Document360 is a knowledge base platform by UK-based Kovai. It’s a help desk solution that supports the creation and publication of self-service knowledge bases. Document360’s features include a self-service portal, text-to-speech functionality, content management, editing tools, tutorial-oriented problem solving, discussion boards, product catalogs, and role-based access. Document360 is a cloud-based software.  

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6. Freshdesk

Freshdesk is a help desk and customer service software by the US-based Freshworks. It centralizes email, phone, web, chat, and social media communications to provide customer support. Freshdesk’s features include customized and automated workflows, scenarios to increase agent efficiency, team dashboard, social signals, chatbots, and reporting tools. Freshdesk is cloud- and mobile-based. 

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7. Confluence Wiki

Confluence is a corporate wiki by the Australian-based Atlassian. It’s a workspace with third-party app integrations to facilitate online collaboration. Confluence features a centralized data repository with secure managed access. It supports content creation and review, file sharing, and detailed task management for projects. Confluence is deployed via cloud and on-premise. 

A drawback to Confluence Wiki is the design. The editor is pretty bare bones as far as features. To add anything without doing a lot of html and css coding, you have to use macros to create content. While there are several free macros that come with the application, there are many that you must purchase. Many users including myself find it cumbersome that some basic feature aren’t easy to apply without buying macros.

I personally resort to a lot of hand coding html and css when I edit wikis, which is time consuming and really should be required. If your organization already used this application and the option to switch to another isn’t available, then it will be helpful for your Technical Writers to understand html and css coding to get around purchasing more macos. I plan to in the future create a code repository on my website with code that you use to help your wiki site. Be sure to subscribe to my mailing list to be notified of the release.

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8. Zendesk

Zendesk is a help desk management software by its US-based company. It helps a variety of businesses create customer service portals, knowledge bases, and online communities. Zendesk’s features include a fully customizable front-end portal, third-party app integrations, live chat, FAQ searches, ticket tracking, and discussion threads. Zendesk is cloud-and mobile-based. 

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9. ProProfs 

ProProfs is an e-learning management system (LMS) by its US-based company. It allows educational institutions and businesses to create courses, evaluate learners, and commercialize courses. ProProfs’ features include a fully customizable content creator, quiz templates, automated grading, quiz statistics and analytical reports, and cyber-secure, multi-device access. ProProfs is a cloud-based LMS. 

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